Live Interviews

Date Event
June 7, 2023 Warm 106.9 Spotlight with Laurie Hardie – 1:00 pm AK time
June 12, 2023 CTV Saskatoon – 08:45 AK time &
KKOB Albuquerque – 2:00 pm AK time.
June 15, 2023 QR Calgary – 11:00 am AK time
July 3, 2023 KSVY Sonoma CA – 8:00 AK time

Recorded Interviews

Techstination (interview, 17 min; report 2 min)
CTV Saskatoon (6 min)
KKOB TJ Trout Show (29 min)
Ron Van Dam show (starting at 13:20)
This Green Earth (June 13, 2023, starting at 23:25)
Alaska News Nightly
Frankie Boyer Show (14 June 2023) apple iheart
Afternoons with Rob Breakenridge (starting 15:56)
Turning Pages University of Manitoba FM (27 min)
Spotlight with Laurie Harding (32:00)
Talk of the Bay KSQD (56:56)
Big Blend Radio 28 Jul 2023 49 min (Nature Connection) (Magazine p 8) (on YouTube)
RNZ Saturday Morning w Kim Hill (40:26)
Wild Connections with Jennifer Verdolin (52 min)
Dustin Wilmes Show
Spotlight on Success
Climate Change with Scott Amyx
New Day NW
Instant Genius
Carry the One Radio
All Creatures
KSVY Sonoma
Kay Burley at Breakfast Sky News UK
New Day Northwest King TV
Ray D’Arcy show
Brainstorm Media (National Defense?)

Print Interviews

Minnesota Alumni Spring 2023
Live Science (excerpt)
Book Bite Next Big Idea Book Club
Ars Technica 
New Statesman Q&A (paywall)
Popular Science
New Scientist
Octonation (Artist Spotlight)

Dr. David Scheel – The Mysteries of Octopuses

This episode of Big Blend Radio’s NATURE CONNECTION Show features David Scheel. PhD, who has been studying octopuses for more than 25 years, specializing in animal behavior.

In his book, “MANY THINGS UNDER A ROCK: The Mysteries of Octopuses,” Dr. Scheel shares his research, as well as that of other marine biologists, to show us much of what has been learned—and remains to be understood—about these fascinating sea creatures. As he explains, more than 300 different species of octopuses exist, yet their elusive behavior and the changing nature of their appearance make them difficult to locate, identify, and study. More: