I have been involved as a script editor, with award-winning film-maker Alan Root, in the development of Survival Anglia’s Queen of the Beasts (1989, Alan Root, Wikipedia) and was featured in Ocean Mysteries with Jeff Corwin (“Giant Pacific Octopus in Prince William Sound,” 2016).

In addition, I appeared in, narrated, and was scientific editor for the script development of BBC Octopus in my house / PBS Nature Octopus: Making Contact (2018). The film was the recipient of the 2020 Jackson Wild Media Awards for Best Animal Behavior Film and Best Writing, was a People & Nature official selection for Wildscreen, and was shortlisted for Best Natural History at the Grierson British Documentary Awards.

I am the author of the book Many Things Under a Rock: the Mysteries of Octopuses (Norton 2023) as well as over 45 scientific papers on animal behavior.

Research & Consulting

I have proposed, been awarded, and managed over two million dollars in research funding. I designed and run the Aquarium Biology lab for Alaska Pacific University, housing over 1000-gallons of habitat for tropical and coldwater invertebrates including corals and octopuses.

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